BMW i3 Review by Car Advice

2014 BMW i3 6 photos
Photo: Car Advice
BMW i3 ReviewBMW i3 ReviewBMW i3 ReviewBMW i3 ReviewBMW i3 Review
The guys from Car Advice were amongst the people that went to Amsterdam to test the brand new BMW i3. Their finding are not as far off from what other people observed, as you might think at first.
The moment you spot the i3 you'll notice it doesn't have the usual BMW looks. The car is tall and narrow, sitting on low drag resistant tires with a narrow profile. Many called it ugly but we're just calling it different.

In i3's case, function oversees form and the car was built to be practical, economical and electric, not pretty. Of course, along the way some BMW trademark features were kept, like the kidney grilles and the corona rings around the headlights but that's about it.

The electric motor has 170 HP and 250 Nm (184 lb-ft) of torque and it's being fed by a huge battery that allows the 1,195 kg car to travel up to 160 km (100 miles). Of course, handling and agility are trademark BMW features and those had to be better than the competition's.

Therefore, the engineers crafter the i3 to reach 100 km/h (62 mph) in 7.2 seconds, as fast as a MINI Cooper S. On the road, the car feels even faster and, depending on which driving mode you select, it will comply faster or slower to your commands.

As far as the guys from Car Advice were concerned, the car has a smooth, surging acceleration with nimble maneuverability and good vision accompanied by a comfortable ride with excellent front storage, clever connectivity and stylish interior.

On the down side, it will be quite pricy in Australia, where they're from and has a small boot and limited rear seat comfort. Also, the infrastructure needed for this car is problematic in Australia and you have to consider that factor also.

Full Test at Car Advice
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