Blync Brings a Dirt Cheap Biking Simulator into Your Living Room

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Blync Virtual RealityBlync Virtual RealityBlync Virtual RealityBlync Virtual RealityBlync Virtual RealityBlync Virtual RealityBlync Virtual RealityBlync Virtual Reality
With this whole health crisis going on people are starting to look for more and more ingenious ways to give back some of the freedom we once shared. With that, bikers have received, or rather, will receive, an aid like none other.
Folks, what we’re going to be talking about today is known as Blync. And if you haven’t checked out the gallery or video below, please do so, and if you still feel you need the text after, come back to it, but you probably won’t need to.

However, for those that want to know a bit more about this wonderful idea coming to our homes, this text is here to offer some insight. So what the heck is a Blync? Simply put, it’s a biking simulator that uses your existing bike and VR headset to offer endless training and riding from the safety of your own home.

Sure, that all sounds like a sales pitch, and that could be considered to be true. Somehow after seeing what you can do with this thing, I think I might be opening a business where I can set up 10-20 of these things, with the recommended social distancing factors applied, and BAM! Adapt and overcome folks.

But what do we get when we look to hook up to this system? Well, not much. But that doesn’t mean it’s not exactly what’s needed. As the saying goes, simplicity is best. It’s like this. First you need a TV or VR headset. Heck. I think even a projector screen works with this thing.

Blync Virtual Reality
Photo: Blync
Then you need the path sensor. That’s the blue pad you see on the floor and under the front wheel. Now, this pad keeps your front wheel from spinning and only detects the direction towardwhich you turn your handlebars. Those motions are then mimicked by the virtual bike and your journey through whatever environment you choose.

The final piece of the puzzle here is known as a speed sensor. This little trinket is to be hooked up to your rear tire and detects the speed at which your tire rotates. That information is the relayed to the virtual bike you’re riding and, voila! That is all this set-up needs in order for you to ride around town from your living room. Sound funny, I know.

Now, all of this is meant to allow us to train, when we wouldn’t otherwise be able to, so you can even create a custom environment in which to roam and even play different bike games, do stunts, or even race friends over a network.

Blync Virtual Reality
Photo: Blync
But, and there is a slight but to all of this, you need a training support for the rear of your bike. If you don’t know what that is, it’s that frame you see everyone's bike propped up on. However, if you don’t own one of know where to get one, you can probably order one online and get it delivered to your door, or just make one in your garage.

Set up a fan, some traffic noise on your sound system, someone to spray you with some water if the environment you’re riding through includes rain or puddles, and you have a nearly fully immersed biking experience, minus the leaning you would normally do in a turn.

Honestly, for the mere $89 bucks you’ll need to buy one of these, even if you’re in high school you can afford one. But that’s for the IndieGoGo Earlybird, which look like they’re flying like hot cakes.
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