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Bentley Decides to Skip All U.S. Auto Shows in 2016

The British luxury manufacturer from Crewe decided to skip all automotive events scheduled for 2016 in the U.S. The brand's decision is based on a desire to improve its dealer relationships, Crewe's finest having 45 dealers in the United States of America.
Bentley Bentayga 1 photo
The 2016 Detroit Auto Show isn't the first U.S. automotive event skipped by Bentley. The Crewe brand didn’t attend last month's 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show either. In the same month, Bentley's U.S. sales went down 19 percent, adding up to 2,105 vehicles, but that could be entirely unrelated.

The British brand owned by the Volkswagen Group is getting ready to launch its first crossover, the Bentayga. The most luxurious and expensive SUV offered by a serious manufacturer is set to launch in early 2016. Of course, the car will be available in the United States as well, a market where SUVs are more than popular.

Thankfully, Bentley's usual space in the Detroit Auto Show will not be left blank. The brand's typical exhibition space will be divided among several other manufacturers, Aston Martin being one of them. The Gaydon-based carmaker will mark its first Detroit appearance of the decade in 2016.

Bentley isn't the first brand to skip an upcoming U.S. auto show, though, as the 2016 Detroit Auto Show will be passed over by Tesla, MINI and Jaguar Land Rover as well. The two British brands owned by India's Tata Motors aren't at their first auto show pass over. The decision to skip an important automotive event such as the 2016 NAIAS is based on many important factors, from the exhibition cost to the purpose of presence.

In case a manufacturer decides that its range hasn't received enough novelties to justify the important expenditure of an auto show, its presence at the particular event might be canceled. In Bentley's case, money doesn't seem to be an issue, although Volkswagen Group is trying to reduce unnecessary costs in the next few years.


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