Baby Bentayga Considered, Could Become Bentley's Macan

Bentley’s first SUV, the Bentayga, recently received a diesel version. This is the beginning of a sales offensive of the British brand, which is expected to include a “baby” Bentayga.
Bentley Bentayga 1 photo
We are referring to a smaller SUV in the Bentley range, which could be launched in a few years time. The idea behind introducing such a model for Bentley is not an extreme concept, because Porsche has already operated a launch like this in its lineup.

Back when the Cayenne was the only SUV in the Porsche portfolio, some people were surprised to learn about the introduction of a smaller model.

With the Macan, Porsche has opened its portfolio to a broader range of customers. While models like the Cayman and the Boxster were slightly cheaper, the Macan was the most affordable five-seat Porsche.

This might not seem like something that matters, especially when considering the client base of the sports car brand, but the introduction of a relatively affordable SUV from Porsche brought more customers to the automaker.

In the case of Bentley, the company from Crewe is in no rush to launch the “baby” Bentayga, as the only SUV in the range is doing well concerning sales. The Brits are also concerned with the risk of diluting the brand so that means that they may brew the smaller Bentayga for longer.

We do not expect to see a little Bentayga before 2018, as the model is supposed to share its platform with the next generations of the Macan and Audi Q5. Bentley will develop the smaller SUV in its portfolio using a heavily modified version of that platform, which has yet to hit the market.

Expect the baby Bentayga to become the most affordable car in Bentley’s portfolio. This might be the solution needed to get more customers without introducing smaller sedans or coupes in the brand’s offering.

With an SUV, Bentley gets the chance to have clients who are new to the Crewe brand, without affecting the exclusivity of the Mulsanne and Continental cars.


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