Audi R8 With External Roll Cage Is Perfect for a Drive Around Night City

Over the past few weeks we’ve been talking about renderings of real-world cars, revealing how they would have looked like had CD Project made the vehicles in Cuberpunk 2077 based on them. All are on the extreme side of things, but not as much as the Audi R8 we have here.
Audi R8 Cyberpunk 2077 1 photo
The R8 is obviously a sports car, and there’s no shortage of such made-up machines in the game. We have things like the Quadra family of Turbo cars, or the Mizutani, but also a very rare Porsche 911 (930) Turbo that is unlocked at the end of a side job.

The Porsche was produced exactly 100 years before the action in the game takes place, in 1977, but it is of course the recipient of several changes to make it suitable for a drive through Night City. These changes are not as extreme though as the ones seen on this here R8.

The single, most in-your-face addition to the four-ringed machine is the external roll cage. It wraps around the entirety of the R8’s body, starting at the front bumper, arching upward to cover the roof, and then back down to encompass the rear. A perfect metal suit to protect it from both aggressive driving from the enemies, but also a possible rollover in a careless high-speed chase.

Then come the wheels, full pieces at the front and not so much at the rear, wrapped in Goodyear rubber and perfectly blending in with the look of the rest of the car.

Just like the rest of the rendering from this series, the Audi R8 in Cyberpunk guise too is the work of a British group that goes by the name Bristol Street Motors. If anything, these renderings have managed to open up our appetite for more real-world cars in Cyberpunk, a development most likely a lot of players would appreciate.

Sadly, the developers of the game still have a lot on their plate fixing bugs than focusing on anything else, so we'll probably have to wait a long time before anything like this begins to happen.


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