Aston Martin Considering Rapide Shooting Brake

Let's be honest here: nobody is ever going to take the Aston Martin Rapide on a shooting adventure, but it still wound't be a bad idea to have a Shooting Brake that could cary Winchester rifle and a case of champagne.
Aston Martin Jet 2+2 1 photo
This year, Aston Martin is celebrating its 100th birthday this year and has given itself a very special birthday present. Revealed at the Geneva Motor Show three months ago, the Jet 2+2 is a Shooting Brake version of the Rapide built by the guys at Bertone.

This isn't the first time the Italians have stuck a big boot on an Aston, as the 2+2 is actually inspired by the DB9-based Jet 2 concept from previous years, a car which never quite managed to reach production.

Steve Sutcliffe from AutoCar recently wrote a short story in which he says Aston might put the Jet 2+2 concept into limited production as a Rapide Shooting Brake. If approved for production, this new car would be the most expensive Aston you could buy.

How many will be made and who will make them is still undetermined, but Sutcliffe, who recently drove the Jet 2+2, suggests very low two-digit numbers.

Story via AutoCar


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