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Arturo Vidal’s Ride to Training Was Not a Ferrari Anymore, But a Fiat Panda

Arturo Vidal seems to be learning from his mistakes. The soccer player didn’t arrive at training in some sort of supercar or luxurious ride like he used to, but he drove a model worthy to make headlines, the Fiat Panda from the late '80s.
Arturo Vidal's Fiat Panda 8 photos
Arturo Vidal's Car CollectionArturo Vidal's Car CollectionArturo Vidal Driving the Fiat Panda to TrainingArturo Vidal Driving the Fiat Panda to TrainingArturo Vidal Driving the Fiat Panda to TrainingArturo Vidal Driving the Fiat Panda to TrainingArturo Vidal Driving the Fiat Panda to Training
Arturo Vidal is a Chilean professional soccer player and he currently is on Inter Milan’s payroll, after having played for Barcelona, Juventus, and Bayern Munchen.

The images of the 34-year-old soccer player went viral a few weeks ago when a video of him leaked, showing him barely managing to get inside his Ferrari after going out drinking with some friends. At first, he tried to get on a motorbike parked next to his supercar. After he failed that, he rolled around on the back of his Ferrari, his feet in the air, before managing to sit correctly. The video was filmed around August, but ended up online in early October. You can check out the video in the attached post below.

Now Vidal is showing that he doesn’t care, as he revealed his diverse collection on social media. In a post where he talked about “dreams coming true,” he shared a look at his collection, which includes a Ferrari 488 GTB, a Mercedes-AMG G 63 tuned by Brabus, and... a Fiat Panda. At 5 ft 11 in (1.80 m), the soccer player stood way taller than the classic Panda, as he pointed out in a picture in which he shows up hugging the tiny model. Next to the set of pictures, he wrote that he “waited years until he finally made it come true.”

Then, he hopped behind the wheel of the Fiat Panda and drove it to training. Vidal also shared a video of himself driving it and parking outside Inter Milan’s training ground. He couldn’t have been prouder of his car, lovingly calling it “My Pandita,” as he shared that “life has given him many possibilities,” and that he’s “happy with the small things.

In the video, Arturo Vidal stopped the car and smiled big at the camera, before letting someone else park it. But it's actually kind of refreshing to see a celebrity with a lavish lifestyle enjoying a classic car this much as Vidal does.


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