Art Car Designer Builds the World’s Largest Contraption, and It’s a 1922 Ford Tourer

How big is huge? Big enough to get Guinness World Records’ attention. At least that is what Indian car designer Sudhakar Yadav hopes to achieve with his wacky car that’s twice as tall as a double-decker bus in London. A replica of the engine would have been even cooler, but that was clearly not the point.
A huge 1922 Ford Tourer 1 photo
Photo: Damn Geeky
Last year we were telling you about a talented inventor from Hyderabad, India, who has spent most of his life building weird vehicles - art cars if you want - that would take similar shapes of the everyday objects. If seeing a sandwich and shoe driving on the street didn’t seem odd, then this huge classic Ford should do the job. While some 200 driveable contraptions sit in a museum nowadays, the massive art car was built right at the entrance to greet people visiting the place.

Made from recycled material and scrap, the stationary structure does simulate Formula One racecar sounds. Featuring timber doors, windows and staircase, the structure is modeled after a 1922 Ford Tourer. According to Damn Geeky, it is 26 feet (8 m) tall, stretches 50 feet (15 m) long and is almost 19 feet (6 m) wide.

Getting the Guinness World Records certificate would make for a great achievement, but this wouldn't be a first for our hero. Among other prizes the 47-year-old craftsman has won throughout the decades since he’s been doing this, he also managed to create the world’s tallest tricycle, which also was made of scrap. And get this, the three-wheel contraption is even taller than the vehicle as it stands at 41.5 feet high.

Here’s a thought: you don’t need to take our word for this man’s creations. Just visit Sudha Cars Museum, the first and only handmade Wacky Car museum in the world. There you’ll find vehicles that are shaped in things such as a high heel shoe, cigarette, toilet and even a pool table.
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