8-Year-Old Boy Can Skate Under 53 Cars Backwards

8-Year-Old Boy Can Skate Under 53 Cars Backwards 1 photo
Photo: Barcroft on YouTube
It’s one thing to say a kid is flexible enough to do limbo tricks, and it’s a whole different story to have an 8-year-old skating under 53 cars. But to do that while traveling backwards, now that sounds insane to us. Yet, it’s true, and if everything works out right this kid will soon break another world record.
It’s not the first time we hear about a limbo dancer who conducts mad deeds. As a matter of fact, it was not long ago we were telling you about Shemika Charles. The 22-year-old professional dancer managed to perform the incredibly difficult moves under a truck, going down to an incredible eight and a half inches - the height of a beer bottle.

Doing such moves is about more than being an athlete; you need to practice particular steps four hours every day, and even then, the risk of back injuries are still quite big. Skating underneath a vehicle like this kid does qualifies for the same type of exercises, only that the accent goes more to the lower part of the performer’s body.

In this case, we’re looking at a new level of stretching abilities. Devisri Prasad from Tirupati, south-east India, is not just able to skate like few people on the planet can, but he does it backwards. The 8-year-old boy can slip under 53 cars in a row and is currently waiting to have his world record attempts verified by Guinness World Records.

And when we say attempts, we’re talking about crazy things such as fastest limbo skating under cars, longest limbo skating, longest limbo skating backwards and lowest limbo skating.

According to Barcroft, the ultra-flexible youngster covered the 100 meters (328 feet) distance beneath the 53 cars in an incredible 22.59 seconds in the “farthest distance limbo skating under cars backwards’ category - smashing the previous record of 30 meter (98 feet).

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