April Fools 2017: The Best Pranks From Automakers In a Single Story

BMW Unicorn Parts for 4 Series 15 photos
Photo: BMW
Dacia Sundero Tanning - an integrated tanning bedSkoda lets you "rent a family" to see how the Kodiaq will be if you have oneHonda devised a dating service integrated into the multimedia unitLexus Lane Valet - an innovative technology that everyone dreams ofHyundai has thought about delivering cars by drones at your doorstepMG M.I.C.E. uses emoji to express the driver's feelingsMAN' Ice Cream Van seems doableTriumph Handlewheel, a way to bring car drivers on bikesMcLaren MSO' special carbon feather wrapRenaultSport's Formula 1 Hatchback, the HayonaraBMW dDrive Dog Basket - for that open air motoring feelLotus Pet Lid - Helmets for your petsMINI John Cooker Works, eh? Well, it's an ideaFord Active Thank Assist - a way to say thanks to other drivers
Car manufacturers seem to love April Fools’ Day more than they like Christmas or New Year’s Eve. Most brands have accustomed us with insanely fun ideas, and some are so well executed that they seem plausible.
That said, we decided to round up the best April Fools’ jokes from automakers. Each of those ideas present in the photo gallery will be described below. Before we get into that, we hope you enjoyed our dedicated articles on the topic.

We will start with BMW Unicorn Parts, the collection of optional components from the German brand. Thankfully, they are not made out of genuine unicorns, but they have rainbow headlights, special side mirrors, and even a horn on the hood. You can only get them if you have a white car.

Dacia has masterfully integrated its April Fools’ idea with its advertising campaigns. The Romanian automaker often laughs at other brands for “useless trim options,” and present ridiculous ideas as standard on some of their products. One of them is the Dacia Sundero, a practical hatchback that also has a tanning function for its occupants.

Skoda’s Kodiaq is an SUV that is designed to be ready to haul an entire family. If you have not started one yet, that is not a problem, because you can always call upon their Rent-A-Family service when you test drive one of their products. You might buy the car once you see how good it can be with an extended family, but use it alone.

Honda thought that it might be fun to integrate a dating app within its multimedia unit, complete with Head-Up Display of profile pictures. It is called H-Swipe, and it only works when the vehicle is stationary. This will not become the next Tinder, but it could be fun for a couple of minutes.

Lexus’ idea for April Fools’ was a technology that used Vehicle-2-Vehicle communication to tell the car in front to get out of your way. It did it politely, without flashing lights or tailgating, and it could be a solution to prevent the two annoying habits in the future.

Hyundai’s idea is called Click To Fly, and it involves drone deliveries. This sounds familiar, but the South Korean brand took it up a notch with cars.

That is right, they thought about sending cars to their customers’ doorsteps using drones. The idea might be nice for a service appointment, if you ask us, but we do not want to see flying Hyundais in the skies above.

Emoji is not at its first use for this particular day of the year, but it was MG’s turn to employ it. Called M.I.C.E., it stands for MG Inter-Car Emoji. At least nobody is texting, but the windows get blacked out to display the images.

MAN, the utility vehicle specialists, have unveiled a concept called Ice Cream MAN. While this may not achieve massive sales volumes, it adds 99 individual features, complete with “smooth drive.”

Triumph is not a car maker, but it has devised an invention to make drivers interested in motorcycles. Called "Handlewheel," it changes a set of handlebars for what looks like a steering wheel.

McLaren’s Special Operations Division could probably do anything to a car if you are willing to wait until it gets engineered. Asking for carbon fiber feathers to wrap your automobile might be a bit too much, but show up to their headquarter with a blank check that won’t bounce and see what happens.

Renault is famous for its practical hatchbacks, but it also has a relationship with motorsports and Formula 1. They have decided to blend those things together, resulting in the first Formula 1 Hatchback. We do not see this being approved to race, but we would love to have a drive in it.

Pets are seen as family members by many people, and we feel the same way about ours. The furry members of the canine species love the open air feeling of a drive in the car, but not all can safely stick their heads out to experience it.

BMW has a solution, and it is called dDrive, which is a dog basket to use indoors. Your cat will hate it, but keep the box, which will be appreciated.

Since we are on the optic of the other favorite furry friend of the world, cats also need to feel good in cars. In case you have a little tiger in your house, you could buy Lotus’ Pet Lid, which is a helmet to keep your cat safe on track days.

MINI has chosen a little word play for its idea, and it is called John Cooker Works. It involves placing a large wooden surface in a convertible, which is then used to start a sushi parlor.

The ingredients are ethically sourced from Uganda, they say. The wood surface can be stowed in the trunk, and food waste can be burned to get the car going. Don’t try this at home, folks.

Did you ever feel the need to thank the driver behind you, but did not know what to do? In some countries, drivers use their hazard lights, but do no do this if it may be illegal in your homeland. Instead, use Ford’s Active Thank Assist, which safely displays a friendly “thank you” on the windshield of the car behind you.
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