BMW Launches xDrive Baby Boots for "Secure Toddling Around Corners"

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With the transition from "four-wheel-drive" to "two-wheel-drive" that comes naturally with age, your baby might not feel as safe during their travels as they did before. The higher center of gravity that comes with the upright position coupled with the fact that there are now only two motor members is going to affect the baby's confidence in their own ability to tackle even the simplest routes. Such as the one from mommy to daddy across the living room floor.
With years of experience in rear-wheel-drive cars, BMW knows all this too well. It knows, eventually, it is the best setup, but until you get to master it, a four-wheel-drive system will provide the reassurance needed to keep going forward. That is how the xDrive came to be, and after it changed the way BMWs are driven, the same technology is now being repurposed to ease the life of toddlers.

Introducing the new BMW xDrive Baby Boots, a pair of shoes that will transform the life of the little one forever. Well, at least until they grow out of them. The specially designed footwear promises "maximum stability with zero tumbles," as well as "perfect weight distribution" and "maximum safety."

The shoes are fitted with a traction control sole that features adaptive rubber that can react in a fraction of a second to the changing conditions of the surface underneath them. So you can expect your baby to feel at ease anywhere in the house, regardless of whether they step on carpets, tiles or varnished wood.

"BMW entered the all-wheel-drive segment more than three decades ago, and although this specific technology is still in its infancy, we see potential in the baby footwear category as a growing segment. The BMW xDrive Baby Boots provide the perfect combination of practicality and maximum walking pleasure," said Joss Fülin, Head of Product Fabrication.

Learn more about BMW's xDrive Baby Boots by contacting [email protected] or by calling 0800 093 61 61. Also available in pink.

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