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Apple Maps Cars Sent to New Locations for Fresh Look Around Images

Look Around is an essential part of the Apple Maps experience, as it allows users to explore locations across the world using street-level imagery captured by Apple’s cars.
Apple Maps Look Around imagery 1 photo
It’s a rival to Google’s very own Street View, but Apple is putting a lot more focus on the actual quality of the images, as the company wants to provide users only with high-resolution content.

On the other hand, it’s not a secret that Apple has been really slow at the whole thing, as Look Around has received updates at a pace that has pushed many to Google Street View, especially because the focus has been mostly on U.S. locations until now.

And yet, as we told you not a long time ago, Apple has started focusing a lot more on Europe, and after Poland, the company is now surveying the Czech Republic. According to Apple’s official site, several locations in the country, including Prague, will be surveyed in June and July. However, there’s obviously no ETA as to when the data could show up on Apple Maps available for everybody.

That typically takes a few months, but given that Apple wants to roll out a massive Apple Maps update in the fall of this year, there’s a chance the company would speed up things a little bit this time.

Apple Maps will get a major update as part of iOS 15, including a new 3D navigation mode that will help drivers better figure out which way to go. The new 3D models will include everything from buildings to landmarks. Apple will also use different colors for important items, such as bridges, therefore improving the navigation experience both on iPhone and CarPlay.

But of course, time will tell how fast Apple manages to bring this new experience to everybody out there, as all these improvements will most likely be limited to users in the U.S. at first.


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