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Android Auto Hacked to Run in a Tesla Is a Sign Elon Musk Should Make It Happen

While the support for Android Auto and CarPlay continues to be just a dream that’s yet to come true for Tesla owners, at least officially, skilled developers out there are continuously looking into ways to make the whole thing happen using all kinds of clever implementations.
Android Auto on a Tesla screen 1 photo
The most recent to do it is Emil Borconi, the man who created AAWireless, a little gadget that turns the wired version of Android Auto into wireless in pretty much any car out there. His latest project is also focused on Android Auto, only that what he’s trying right now is to enable Google’s app in a Tesla.

A demo video published on YouTube and a series of photos shared on reddit show that his implementation comes down to a dedicated Android app, the phone running a hotspot, and then the car connecting to it using the browser to access Android Auto capabilities.

So, in theory, the Android device doubles as a server, and the Tesla becomes a client that connects through the browser interface to access Android Auto.

Needless to say, everything is still in the early days, and there’s so much to improve. Still, compared to Tesla Mirror, which just mirrors the phone screen and requires the device to be unlocked all the time, this new project allows for Android Auto to feel more “native” overall.

Apps like Waze seem to be running, though they’re obviously very laggy. The developer explains he just had to lower the resolution to 480p because otherwise, the whole thing would have become impossible to use. Several other things need to be further refined, including improving the performance in the browser, but the scaling and the microphone input are currently working correctly.

The developer explains this is a work in progress, and a beta app could drop in a few weeks. In the meantime, you can check out this early version in the video below.


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