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An Almost Finished 1956 Corvette Is Looking for Someone To Finish the Job

Buying an ongoing project might be a great idea since it will spare you from searching for various bits and pieces to put everything back together. On top of that, you can choose the color you want for it!
1956 Corvette C1 8 photos
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When Chevrolet unveiled the Corvette in 1953, it offered the car a white exterior and a red interior, but without side windows or door handles. Thus, many disappointed people asked GM to make some changes, and the carmaker listened to them.

Thanks to the legendary man Zora Arkus-Duntov, the 1956 Corvette C1 was slightly reshaped, and the sales took off. Thus, what was supposed to be an unimportant sports car on the market became the best-known American sports car in the world.

In 1956, the C1 had the tail fins deleted, with new side covers. Also, the sculptured doors looked far more attractive than the ones before. Duntov's influence was essential, and the model you see here has all the reasons to find a new owner.

The seller, who goes by the nickname 7374968 on eBay, says that the roadster comes with most of the parts. Moreover, many parts are new, and the chassis had been sandblasted and epoxy painted black. On the other hand, the bodywork is ready for paint, so the buyer will have to decide the color. They also might want to keep the original color and match it with the black interior that comes with the car.

Under the hood, this C1 Corvette sports a correct-era 265 V8 engine paired to a three-speed manual. This type of powerplant was introduced in 1955 at the request of GM's fans. It provided almost 200 ponies on tap, and its 0 to 62 mph (0-100 kph) time was 11.4 seconds, one and a half faster than the inline-six powerplant.

Suppose you want to see for yourself which parts are missing. In that case, you should embark on a journey to Newark, Delaware, where this C1 Corvette roadster is located.

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