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Agile SC122 Is A Danish Sports Car With A 1:2 Power-To-Weight Ratio

Denmark’s automotive industry is far from conventional. Other than the CityEL three-wheel electric car and supercar-maker Zenvo, the Scandinavian country doesn’t have much else to its name. Now, however, a startup has joined the fray with a lightweight sports car.
Agile SC122 11 photos
Agile SC122Agile SC122Agile SC122Agile SC122Agile SC122Agile SC122Agile SC122Agile SC122Agile SC122Agile SC122
Agile Automotive is its name, and the company’s focus is “to create anti-autonomous cars that bring back the need for a real driver and provide proper driving sensations.” Looking at the renderings for the SC122, its road-going product appears to abide by that description.

The road-legal counterpart of the track-bred SCX, the Agile SC122 is already available to order, but the automaker has yet to deliver a finished car. Designed around a carbon fiber chassis developed by House of Composites, the SC122 tips the scales at merely 850 kgs.

Couple the lightness with a 425 PS (419 horsepower) supercharged 3.5-liter V6 sourced by Toyota, and you will get a power-to-weight ratio of 1:2. That’s a ballistic figure for something that weighs 1,874 lbs. What’s more, that power is channeled to the rear wheels via a good old stick shift or a seven-speed sequential transmission. The problem with the SC122 and its track-focused sibling, however, is that Agile has only a rolling chassis to show off for the time being.

Agile may be a company “created from the passion for motorsports and the hunger for speed,” but there’s still a long way to go until the Vamdrup-based outfit will obtain legitimacy in a segment that’s dominated by the likes of Lotus. It’s also worth noting that the retail price for the track-only version of the SC122 is a little bit extortionate.

At 799,000 DKK plus VAT, that would be €107,395 or $116,990 at current exchange rates. Say what you will, but that’s too far off the pricing strategy of Lotus, with the notable exception of the limited-run Exige Race 380.

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