Affordable Off-Road 2026 Ford EV Sport Utility Morphs Bronco Sport the Right Way

Ford Off-Road EV Bronco Sport rendering by vburlapp 20 photos
Photo: vburlapp / Instagram
Ford Off-Road EV Bronco Sport rendering by vburlappFord Bronco SportFord Bronco SportFord Bronco SportFord Bronco SportFord Bronco SportFord Bronco SportFord Bronco SportFord Bronco SportFord Bronco SportFord Bronco SportFord Bronco SportFord Bronco SportFord Bronco SportFord Bronco SportFord Bronco SportFord Bronco SportFord Bronco SportFord Bronco Sport
Ford recently made a lot of waves by announcing the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean with its 2024 Mustang GT and Dark Horse for European fans, as well as the introduction of the refreshed 2025 Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator at home.
There's a catch regarding the S650 seventh-generation pony car, though – it's severely underpowered compared to its US cousin and also a lot more expensive, to begin with. On the other hand, the Explorer and Aviator seem like great deals in their respective segments; just don't try to figure out which one is better and more affordable with enough bang for the buck because the Lincoln fans will suddenly develop a headache and amnesia and try to hide the MSRPs.

Anyway, after that, Ford quickly moved to other points of interest – CEO Jim Farley announced a surprising decision to form a previously secret "skunkworks team" working on developing a new EV platform. Interestingly, the team has been hard at work for the past couple of years, working outside the regular Ford chain of command to develop a modular and affordable EV platform that could bring in the elusive profits that keep escaping their grasp when making the Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning.

The intention is clear – Ford still wants to oppose somehow Tesla's domination and the rising star of Chinese companies that appear to represent the next Holy Grail of the automotive industry. From Tesla, there are some potential foes for this new team's first vehicle – a medium-sized crossover SUV like the Model Y or a sedan like the Model 3 are the first to come to mind. But there's also the upcoming affordable Tesla to consider, too.

Naturally, the news from Ford about a Tesla-hunting cheap new EV has triggered a chain of reactions across all media – including the rumor mill and the imaginative realm of digital car content creators. For example, Vince Burlapp (aka vburlapp on social media or is a prolific virtual artist who loves to dream of all the latest models across the wide-ranging automotive realm, and he previously envisioned the affordable Ford EV as a smaller crossover based on the same DNA as the current Mustang Mach-E.

However, maybe that's not the best solution, right? No worries, the pixel master has a vivid imagination. Thus, instead of thinking about cheap passenger cars or crossover EVs, he immediately jumped at the occasion to make an adventurous off-road EV SUV with a truck-based platform that looks akin to the rugged Bronco Sport. Immediately, fans announced this was the Ford Bronco Sport that should live in the real world instead of the one on sale. Well, that's a bit hard to achieve right now, but maybe it won't be impossible once the new affordable EV platform gets going. Ahem, if it gets going…

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Editor's note: Gallery includes official images of Ford Bronco Sport.

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