A Week on the Vivace Superyacht Could Be This Year's Best Charter Deal: $115K Well Spent

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This year seems to have been a hectic one, so in the spirit of relaxing and cooling things down a little bit, I've decided to bring to light what I can only consider as this year's hottest vacation ticket: a week aboard the Vivace superyacht.
Ladies and gentlemen, the floating oasis before you is dubbed the Vivace, a 102-foot (31 m) mansion that can be rented out for as little as $115K (€104K at current exchange rates) per week. Sure, that may sound like quite a bit of cash to blow on a one-week vacation, but this ship can accommodate up to ten guests, so split the costs and take on a different kind of experience this year. Whip out your checkbooks and get ready for this one, folks.

Now, to understand what's in store for those of us who have the bucks for this type of vacation, we need to start at the beginning of Vivace's tale. I'm talking about the Alpha Yachts, a team from Mexico with over 30 years of experience with such machines, and in recent times, has even expanded to Turkey and Italy, with shipyards underway as we speak. In short, we can expect to see more and more Alpha yachts as the years pass, and the Vivace is about to show everyone precisely why.

First and foremost, the Vivace is built upon one of Alpha's most beloved models, the Spritz 102, a layout that has even won the Design et Al award for Best Deck Design, part of the International Yacht & Aviation Awards group. Talk about show-stopping and the main reason why the $115K aboard the Vivace is worth every penny.

Photo: Northrop & Johnson
That's a pretty bold statement, I know, but if you're reading this right now, then you're most likely someone who stays up to date with this sort of lifestyle, and I'm sure you agree that very few yachts, especially ones of this size, can offer what we witness in the image gallery.

Upon exploring those images for the first time, I couldn't help but notice the exquisite aft lounge found on the main deck. It's here that we'll find a jacuzzi sitting in the backdrop on some vegetation and massive umbrellas in case the sun gets too out of hand for you. Sit here with your fellow vacationers while enjoying a glass of your favorite bubbly and telling stories until night falls and the indoor festivities begin.

If you tire of soaking in a bath full of chlorine, just head down to this ship's beach club and enjoy access to some toys. For example, there's a 32-foot and fully enclosed Worldcat tender with fishing gear, a two-seater RXT-300 Waverunner, two sea bobs, an e-hydro-foil, inflatable paddleboards, and even an inflatable party island. Being able to stuff all this into a ship of this size is no easy task and is one of the main reasons why Alpha is where it is today. Or maybe it's because of the presence of a gym.

Photo: Northrop & Johnson
Actually, it's all that and more. Heck, the sun deck alone is a place where you can stay for the entire week and never tire of the experience. There's a large dining area, lounges exposed to the sun's rays, an entertainment center, and a bar. Go ahead and give a shout-out to your friends hanging out on the deck below at the bow lounge.

With part of this ship's daily activities out of the way, let's explore a bit of what the evening has to offer. Our nightly adventure begins on this ship's main deck, exposed to the open sea air but protected from above. I'm talking about that relaxing and intimate alfresco dining space sitting in the backdrop of the main lounge. This is where you'll be pampered by up to five crew members while enjoying what you caught earlier that day. Let's head indoors.

Upon entering the main salon, along one of the walls, you and your guests will be able to order drinks only to enjoy them a few feet away on any of those two L-shaped and opposing couches. Either have a chat, enjoy a bit of TV, or maybe some jams on the sound system. Heck, just take a moment out of your busy life to enjoy the view of the local Riviera via the large windows lining the vessel's walls.

Photo: Northrop & Johnson
As the night unfurls, some of your guests will probably head up to that sun deck, now dubbed a moon deck, while some will retire to the sleeping quarters below. Here, too, we can see precisely why Alpha is where it is today - growing - and why we'll continue to be exposed to their work for the years to come.

While it's not the largest of superyachts, staterooms still bear the power to lure guests into spaces filled with marble walls, floors, and countertops - I'm talking about the bathrooms - while pastel and wooden tones blend beautifully with natural and artificial lighting to send relaxation through your body. No joke; this was the experience I had as I explored the Vivace. Try it out for yourself. To help you along, there's even a video below.

Now, take all that, place yourself in the middle of it, and what do you have? You have an experience that not everyone can brag about, let alone live. Feel yourself being rocked to sleep by the motion of the ocean, soak up the sun until you come back looking like a deep-fried turkey, and experience the therapeutic effects of having enough cash to do so.

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