A New App Launches on CarPlay Because Of Course

Both Android Auto and CarPlay are becoming must-have features in modern cars, so it’s really not a surprise that more and more developers are working on adding support for the two in their apps.
hoopla is already a popular app on iPhone 7 photos
Waze on CarPlayWaze on CarPlayWaze on CarPlayWaze on CarPlayWaze on CarPlayWaze on CarPlay
In other words, their app ecosystems are growing at a steady pace, and sooner or later, the majority of apps that make sense behind the wheel will be updated with support for Android Auto and CarPlay.

This week, another popular app stepped into the CarPlay world with an update specifically aimed at Apple users.

It’s hoopla, an app that’s not necessarily as successful as others, but needless to say, its popularity is growing. The parent company promises access to more than 1 million audiobooks, and now all the content is available when driving, thanks to CarPlay support.

The new feature was added as part of the update to version 4.48, so if you’re already on this version, once you connect the iPhone to a CarPlay-capable head unit, you should see hoopla on the app launcher as well.

hoopla promises the essential feature package for both eBooks and audiobooks. For example, if you want to listen to an audiobook on your iPhone or while driving, the app allows you to configure various speed options, add notes to any bookmark, save the progress with a digital bookmark, and configure a sleep timer for the end of a chapter.

Of course, the app supports both streaming and offline content, so you can listen to content without an Internet connection. A Kids Mode is also supported to make sure that you always play only family-friendly content, and this feature comes in very handy on a long journey with children in the backseat.

As said, there’s nothing special that you must do to get hoopla on CarPlay. Just make sure that you install the latest version, and once you update, the app should just show up on the home screen on CarPlay.

Editor's note: The gallery includes screenshots with other apps running on CarPlay.


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