A Front Loader and a Car Perform Weird Highway Routine After Initial Crash

Some things on the Internet are plain weird while others are downright unexplainable. And you know what's the most scary part? They’re all taken from what you and I call “the real life.”
Front loader on Saudi highway 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from LiveLeak
It has to be said that real life is very much different depending on where you happen to have been born. What you’ll see below will probably never happen on the German autobahn, but it did take place in the Jeddah province of Saudi Arabia.

The story goes like this: the guy in the front loader scraped the back of the car that’s driving in front of it when the clip starts. The driver of the rig didn't bother to stop and have a chat with the victim, so the guy in the car decided to follow that heavy piece of equipment.

At this point, you’re probably wondering what the hell was a front loader doing on the highway in the first place, but keep in mind what we talked about earlier: real life plays by different rules depending on which corner of the world you’re living in. And this story is full of examples.

For instance, what would you do if a front loader hit you and refused to pull over? You’d probably take advantage of the fact that you can keep up with it in your first gear and just call the police, giving them all the details of the incident and the registration number of the loader.

But our man has a different idea. Ignoring the fact that the loader had already scraped the rear-end of his car, the driver gets in front and tries to force the rig to stop. What does the front loader do? Well, it most definitely doesn’t stop, but the driver even pulls some overtaking maneuvers that would leave today’s Formula One drivers flabbergasted. He feigns to the left, then feigns to the right, to the left again and then floors it while serving right again. To no avail, of course, but at least it makes for a funny and spectacular - even though completely absurd - video.

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