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Attack of the Car Wash: Louisiana Man Caught by Rotating Scrubber

The tunnel-type car wash is not a favorite over at autoevolution because the spinning brushes will damage the paint of the car in time. But for those of you who don't care about this detail, be aware that drive-through car washes can also take their toll on humans, not just on vehicles. The CCTV video below is a case in point.
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As far as occupational hazards are concerned, the manager of a car wash in Slidell, Louisiana, was hog-tied to one of the rotating scrubbers. Josh Hood, an ex-military serviceman, was hosing down the brushes. While cleaning, the hose Josh was using became entangled in one of the brushes, taking Josh with him. This is where things got rough.

If someone over at Urban Dictionary is reading this story, the following video wouldn't be out of place as one of the definitions for "squeaky clean." After being sucked into the cycle, the rotating scrubber continued to spin, and more hose was wrapped around Josh's waist. This trapped him even more, but thankfully, the guy somehow managed to free himself. Even then, however, he continued to be spun.

Eventually, he completely escaped from the wrath of the spinning brush with the help of a colleague that was nearby. While no damage was made to the car wash during the incident, Hood suffered some minor injuries. A small case of road rash on one's legs is the best scenario possible considering that the hose could've wrapped around this guy's neck. Following the event, the Louisiana man uploaded the surveillance camera video on YouTube, describing this clip as being "educational."

A question has to be asked, though: why would you clean a car wash during the spin cycle? Isn't that a big no-no as far as health and safety is concerned? Of course, it's easier to clean the brushes when they are rotating, but the risks are bigger than those associated with cleaning a stationary brush. Safety first!

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