'87 Chevy Caprice Landau Wants To Digitally Make 28s Great Again

1987 Chevy Caprice - Rendering 7 photos
Photo: Instagram | 412donklife
1987 Chevy Caprice - Rendering1987 Chevy Caprice - Rendering1987 Chevy Caprice - Rendering1987 Chevy Caprice - Rendering1987 Chevy Caprice - Rendering1987 Chevy Caprice - Rendering
Chevrolet's modern-day focus is on crossovers and SUVs, often with an electric twist, and the usual trucks. However, unlike some of its rivals, it has remained committed to low-slung models, too. Thus, cars such as the Malibu mid-size sedan and the mighty Corvette are still in the making.
Should you check out the bowtie brand's local website, you will also see that the Camaro is listed in the Performance category. However, the muscle car is not being made anymore, as the GM-owned marque dropped it at the end of December. As for the reason why it still appears next to the 'Vette, it is because you can still find many new ones in dealer lots nationwide.

Every gearhead knows that Chevrolet used to be more committed to low-slung models, and it feels like cars such as the Caprice left the assembly line only recently. This ride hasn't been around since the 2017 model year, which is when the automaker dropped it altogether. The sixth generation shared its platform with the era's Camaro, SS, and Pontiac G8, among others, and used to feature V8 firepower besides the V6 engines.

Nevertheless, it is the older iterations that still keep certain enthusiasts up at night. Whether it is the first one that was made until the end of the '70s, the second one that has brought the donk term to the industry, next to its Impala sibling, or the third with its slightly boxier appearance, all of them are truly special and something to write home about in the right configuration.

1987 Chevy Caprice \- Rendering
Photo: Instagram | 412donklife
We suspect you have a thing for the third-gen Chevy Caprice. After all, you are reading these lines now, and we mentioned a 1987 model in the title. But it is not your run-of-the-mill copy. First, it is a Landau Coupe with a partially covered vinyl roof. Second, it has received an exquisite visit from the tuning fairy—or the rendering one, as this flashy yet equally exciting ride lives in Fantasy Land, sketched out by 412donklife and shared on social media a few days ago.

The thing that immediately stands out is the colorful look. It mixes green with numerous rose gold accents, and it is dressed to impress. The pixel manipulator took it a step further by giving it a set of aftermarket alloys. Artis Wheels signed them, and they measure 28 inches at both axles. The virtually modified suspension gives it a squat-like appearance, although nothing is exaggerated, as it is still classy—in a very brash way, obviously.

We can only complain about one thing: It’s not real. Thus, if you own an '87 Caprice and are looking for inspiration for a bold makeover, look no further than this one. So, do you like it as much as we do?

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