6-Year-Old Girl Drives Dad’s Car on Public Road, Dad Gets Arrested

There must be something in the water that so many so-called responsible adults are handing over the keys to their car to a small child, while they chill on the passenger seat, filming the experience.
6-year-old girl drives her father's car on a public road in China 4 photos
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Another incident of the kind is making headlines after it was posted on social media and ended up catching the attention of the police. It is currently under investigation, but the girl’s parents are already knee-deep in trouble, the Daily Mail reports, citing local media.

The video was shot earlier this month in China and has been circulated on social media since. It first emerged on a group for friends and families, where the dad posted it to show off with his daughter’s skills behind the wheel.

You can see it in full at the bottom of the page. It seems that the girl is alone at the wheel, going down a deserted country road. Her father keeps encouraging her, even stopping her from pulling over when she reaches a bridge, by telling her “drive slower, you can do it.”

He’s also encouraging her by telling her she could try the highway next, since she’s doing such a great job on this particular road.

Eventually, the video made its way to the police, which started an investigation. Meanwhile, the girl’s mother has stepped in, claiming that she was actually behind the wheel and the child was sitting in her lap. In other words, not for a single second did the girl have full control of the car.

The mother insists they didn’t want to let her drive but she’s “naughty” and kept insisting – and even jumped into her lap from her backseat. The Mail says that, since police have no way of determining whether she’s speaking the truth based on the video, the mother has been fined and has had her driver’s license revoked.

No word yet on what happened to the father, after the initial arrest and questioning.

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