3.3 Million Euro Lamborghini Veneno Spyder Has Curb Problems

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Photo: screenshot from Youtube
The latest Lamborghini concepts have been a bit vague, a bit too soft around the edges. That's why our favorite bull is still the ultra-cool, ultra rare Lamborghini Veneno, especially when its roof is missing.
They're only supposed to make 9 of these Veneno Roadsters… ever. That makes it rarer than a hot girl with a personality, rarer than a modern rap video with meaning. Not surprisingly, customers are more than willing to part with €3.3 million or $4.2 million for one, even though there are very few places where you can drive one.

Even if we had that kind of money, we can't even imagine what it would be like to actually pay it. "Hello Lamborghini, have enough money to buy a yacht. Good? Now give me one of those carbon fiber cars that look like Le Mans prototypes."

This next video was shot by supercar spotter Marchettino, who managed to film a red Veneno Roadster on the streets of Milan. The car was being loaded into the Lamborghini Bergamo Showroom, but a relatively short curb stood in its way. Fortunately, they had the right wooden ramps to help the Roadster climb that crucial step without leaving its carbon fiber nose behind.

Almost 1.5 tons of awesome

Not everybody is as Lambo-crazy as we are, so maybe a few more details about the Veneno Roaster won't hurt. This beast is powered by a 750 horsepower version of the engine in the Aventador. Its built around a carbon-fiber reinforced polymer monocoque, which helps keep the weight down to just 1,490 kilograms (3,278 pounds). With 1 hp for every two kilograms, the Veneno is able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds.

The original Veneno was presented early in 2013 at the Geneva Motor Show to celebrate the carmaker’s 50th anniversary and planned for a production of just three units. A year later, they decided to make a roadster as well, and between the razor-sharp lines and precise, tight surfaces, it's a stunner.

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