2025 Chevy Impala SS Wants To Digitally Bully Ford's Mustang Dark Horse

2025 Chevrolet Impala SS - Rendering 10 photos
Photo: Screenshot Youtube | Car Review Channel
2025 Chevrolet Impala SS - Rendering2025 Chevrolet Impala SS - Rendering2025 Chevrolet Impala SS - Rendering2025 Chevrolet Impala SS - Rendering2025 Chevrolet Impala SS - Rendering2025 Chevrolet Impala SS - Rendering2025 Chevrolet Impala SS - Rendering2025 Chevrolet Impala SS - Rendering2025 Chevrolet Impala SS - Rendering
Suppose we ignore our numerous stories about the old-timer Chevrolet Impalas that can be found on the used car market at any given moment. In that case, we can say that we haven't heard anything about this model officially for a few good years now.
The reason is obvious, as the GM-owned car brand pulled the plug on it in 2020, after ten generations, with no direct successor in sight. And while the later generation models were not exactly on the appealing side in terms of visuals, the first ones were.

We obviously have a soft spot for the classic Impalas made in the ‘golden era' of motoring, especially those that pack a serious V8 engine under the hood that produces a decent amount of power in stock form. Some of the best-preserved examples tend to fetch a lot of money on the used car market, and we still keep hearing about barn finds occasionally.

Yep, in the era of pocket gadgets and satellites, various Chevy Impalas keep getting found in more or less desirable conditions with a thick layer of dust on their bodies, looking like perfect project cars. The high interest in old Impalas should give the bowtie brand something to think of, and that's the fact that certain enthusiasts would rather have one over a modern-day electric crossover.

2025 Chevrolet Impala SS \- Rendering
Photo: Screenshot Youtube | Car Review Channel
But does that mean anything to Chevrolet? That would be a no, as, despite the occasional rumor that they might revive this nameplate, they are obviously more interested in expanding their electric vehicle portfolio to the point where they will soon pull the plug on the Camaro. The moniker will eventually return, the car manufacturer said, though it remains to be seen in what shape.

The rumor mill speaks about the possible turning of the nameplate into a sub-brand that could include an all-quiet sporty crossover, too, and others think it could make a comeback as a next-generation muscle car in a few years. Chances are electricity will be on deck, but we have yet to learn whether it will be partially to assist the internal combustion engine(s) under the hood, or fully.

Now, we've ventured away from the main topic of this story, which is the digital revival of the Chevrolet Impala. Imagined in an SS guise, these renderings came from Car Review Channel on YouTube. They have Camaro influences, including COPO ones, and they could be on to something, as everyone loves a beefed-up muscle car, right?

The ultra-aggressive design should be toned down a bit, as the car would look better in our opinion, but we certainly wouldn't complain if Chevy would bring it to market looking exactly like this. After all, that new-gen Ford Mustang needs a proper rival, and with the Camaro and Dodge's Challenger and Charger driving off into the sunset soon, it will remain the sole brand-new muscle car on sale at dealers nationwide.

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