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2022 VW Golf R Gets $2,500 Cat-Back Exhaust, Owner Asks If It's Worth It

Getting a new exhaust for your car may be an exciting moment, and, in the case of some vehicles, it will also be an expensive one. In the case of vehicles that come with valved exhausts, which have motors that open or close valves to make them louder by pressing a button, the price goes up.
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As some of you may be aware, the price of an exhaust system may also increase if exotic materials, such as Inconel, are used. Do not worry, though, as titanium-based systems or even stainless-steel ones can be pricey.

You guessed it, upgrading an exhaust system the right way, by using a bolt-on kit specifically designed for your vehicle, can be expensive. We are referring to an upgrade here, as the change involves new pipes, and a new muffler, made from materials that are supposed to be lighter than the steel used by the vehicle's manufacturer.

Some vehicles have exhausts made out of exotic materials, so their upgrade options will prove to be even more expensive. Meanwhile, run-of-the-mill vehicles with a single muffler and fitted with a generic exhaust will see the biggest change when fitted with a sports exhaust system.

Charles, known on YouTube and the internet as the Humble Mechanic, has ordered a $2,500 exhaust system for his 2022 Volkswagen Golf R before receiving the vehicle. He even got two sets of pipes for the mid-section of the exhaust system, one that is resonated, and one that is without a resonator (just a piece of pipe).

In his video, Charles went ahead and dyno-tested the 2022 VW Golf R in U.S. specification, and the results are favorable for VW enthusiasts. He also weighed the stock exhaust system, as well as the new cat-back unit from Milltek. The brand was the first to offer such a system in the U.S., which led to a rather high price, as Charles admits.

If you ever find yourself in the situation of having to take off exhaust system components from a vehicle that has valves in its muffler, be sure to carefully unplug its motors. You must also remove them and install them on the new exhaust to ensure full functionality. Can't buy an exhaust with valves for your car? Well, maybe leave it as it came from the factory instead.

We will let you see the video for yourself to listen to the $2,500 exhaust for the Golf R, as well as to see if there is an increase in horsepower or torque with the aftermarket exhaust.

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