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2021 Lordstown Endurance Electric Pickup Truck Specifications Revealed

In addition to Tesla, Rivian, Bollinger Motors, Ford, and General Motors, there’s a new name in the electric truck business. Joined at the hip with The Big G, the start-up known as Lordstown Motors prepares to put the Endurance into production in late 2020 with 600 horsepower on tap from four in-wheel electric motors.
2021 Lordstown Endurance electric pickup truck 8 photos
2021 Lordstown Endurance electric pickup truck2021 Lordstown Endurance electric pickup truck2021 Lordstown Endurance electric pickup truck2021 Lordstown Endurance electric pickup truckLMC EnduranceLMC EnduranceLMC Endurance
That’s plenty enough for a top speed of… wait for it… 80 miles per hour. The reasoning behind this velocity is the Endurance’s work-oriented character. After all, Lordstown Motors has developed a pickup truck, not an electric successor to the likes of the Dodge Ram SRT-10, Ford F-150 Lightning, and GMC Syclone.

The company’s website further lists 200-plus miles of range as per the EPA’s standards, which sounds adequate for a fleet-only workhorse. Lordstown Motors didn’t mention a thing about the battery’s capacity, but we do know that it takes 10 hours at 7 kW to charge from empty to 95 percent. In other words, you’re looking at more than 70 kWh, possibly 75 kWh like the Tesla Model 3 Long Range.

DC charging is also available, and taking inspiration from the Ford F-150 Hybrid, the Endurance will be able to provide off-board power for tools at 3.6 kW. In other words, make that 120 volts and 30 amperes. Lordstown Motors further sweetens the deal with seating for five adults, a towing capacity of 6,000 pounds (2,721 kilograms), and a retail price of $52,500 before the $7,500 plug-in tax credit.

The final detail that’s listed on the automaker’s website is gradeability at the vehicle’s gross weight. Otherwise known as the ability to climb up slopes while maintaining a particular speed, the Endurance is good for up to 30 degrees. Checking out Jeep Wrangler forums is enough to understand how impressive that is for a work truck from a company that has only set up shop in Lordstown, OH.

You can check out the full list of specifications by pressing the press release button below, and in the meantime, fleet operators can reserve the Endurance by putting down a $100 deposit on Lordstown's website.

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