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2019 Mercedes A-Class Looks Low and Wide While Testing in Spain

Stuck between a garbage truck and a Dacia Logan is not the best place to be for a Mercedes test prototype. However, the next-generation A-Class is coping with traffic just fine while testing in Spain.
New Mercedes A-Class Looks Low and Wide While Testing in Spain 4 photos
Three slightly different test vehicles can be seen in this video, all wearing the same kind of heavy camouflage to obscure their radical new design. However, two of them appear to be much lower to the ground thanks to some AMG-tuned suspension. The rumble of a tuned gasoline engine anf a set of wide, large alloys suggests we are also dealing with the A40, which is a milder flavor than the A45 but still packs a punch.

The more we look at the A-Class, the more we see a design connection with the so-called CLE-Class, a four-door coupe that's also under development. Both seem to have squat noses and narrow headlights.

Even though all their sedans currently look similar, Mercedes is never the kind of company to stagnate in the design department. Let's not forget how radical the transition from the W204 to the W205 was. Thus, we could be looking at the next big thing.

The wheelbase of the hatchback is longer by somewhere around 10 centimeters. Most of that space is going towards making the rear seat passengers as comfortable as they should be in something wearing the Mercedes brand. Space in the trunk will continue to be at a premium, but a wider trunk opening should make this a more practical car for large items and baby prams.

It appears that Mercedes' interior designers are are integrating the central screen with the dash instead of attaching it on as in the current model. The mirrors are also getting mounted closer to the door metal, no doubt a feature that will reduce wind whistle.

As the current A-Class made its debut in early 2012, we should see this new one sometime in 2018. Various new powertrains, including a plug-in hybrid, will be offered. However, perhaps the biggest news is the sheer variety of other compacts Mercedes will offer. An A-Class sedan looks increasingly likely, and we might even see a coupe to rival the Audi TT.

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