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2018 Volkswagen Polo Rendered for No Reason Looks Too Serious

The Volkswagen current generation of the Volkswagen Polo was heralded as a breakthrough in the subcompact segment when it was shown six years ago. It was bigger and more refined, no longer a major downgrade from the Golf. Fast forward to 2014 and the mid-life facelift came about.
2018 Volkswagen Polo Rendered 3 photos
2018 Volkswagen Polo Rendered2018 Volkswagen Polo Rendered
Even though Volkswagen made exterior changes that nobody could spot, there were serious mods underneath the sheet metal. Virtually all the engines were brand new, including the ones that kept their displacement (like the 1.2 TSI). All the older diesels were replaced by a 1.4-liter TDI with three cylinders and available in three flavors (75, 90 and 105 HP).

Nevertheless, investments in the Polo have since stopped, despite this being one of the Top 10 best-selling cars in Europe. A lack of profitability that characterizes the subcompact segment is partially to blame, but we also suspect VW wants to save all its resources for the next generation, which by our calculations will arrive in 2018.

The segment seems to be moving towards ever bigger cars with wheelbases that stretch out for stability. The new Mazda2 is one such example, as its proportions are similar to the Golf 4.

To survive, the Polo will need to offer a larger trunk with up to 350 liters of space offered as standard. The spare wheel will be ditched on most models, but a longer overhang should also be employed.

This next rendering by Theophilus Chin shows what the next Polo could end up looking like. Development hasn't even started yet, but all the recent VW models have come out looking like this: sober and straight-laced. That's not really a problem for the Passat, but many subcompact car customers expect something cute and cuddly, which this is not.

Hopefully, within the next couple of years, VW will hire somebody who knows how to draw without a ruler.

They certainly have the technology for this type of car already. While most manufacturers only have one small turbo engine, Volkswagen has two, the 1.0 TSI, which is a 3-cylinder, and the 4-cylinder 1.2 TSI. We seriously doubt the market wants a small EV based on the Polo because it would just be too expensive. But they have the tech for that as well.

The only major area the Germans need to work on is the suspension department. Nearly all the VWs we've tested recently were decent enough at highway speed but became unnerved by bumps and lumps around town. Being one of the oldest models still in production, the Polo 6R suffers the most from this issue, as its archaic rear beam is just not smart enough.


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