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Supermini Cabrio Rendering Collection: Corsa, Fiesta, Polo and More

If there's an automotive equivalent of an endangered species, that would have to be the small cabriolet. These cute models used to be abundant, but they seem to have fallen out of favor with European buyers.
Ford Fiesta Cabrio 11 photos
Peugeot 208 Cabriolet RenderingSEAT Ibiza Cabriolet RenderingToyota Yaris Cabriolet RenderingAlfa Romeo MiTo Cabriolet RenderingHyndai i20 Cabriolet RenderingSuzuki Swift Cabriolet RenderingOpel Corsa Cabriolet RenderingVW Polo GTI Cabriolet RenderingFord Fiesta Cabriolet RenderingAudi A1 Cabriolet Rendering
In fact, as far as we can tell, only MINI is investing fresh tech and engines into such a car, the next-gen Cabriolet, due to com

One reason could be that they're unsafe. Last year, ADAC independently tested the most popular compact cabrios, which are bigger, and found they were unsafe in the event of a rollover. With no roof in place, even though you have a seatbelt on, there's a high chance that your head will scrape the ground… scary thought, we know.

But we thing people simply don't want open-air cars. The overall convertible market has shrunk considerably, as SUVs have become a new status symbols. The few people who still buy these cars usually don't drive them with the top down.

Up next, we're going to show you a collection of 10 small convertibles, which are renderings by X-Tomi Design based on some of the most popular small cars in Europe. None of these cars have corespondents in the real world with the exception of the 208 CC, which might enter production in 2016.

Each and every rendering could have a story to tell here. For example, we looked at the one based on the SEAT Ibiza and instantly thought of the Ibiza Cupster concept they showed last year at the Worthersee. Opel used to make a Corsa-based cabrio with a hardtop, which was called the Tigra, while the Polo rendering reminds us of classic Golf "picnic basket" models, with their trademark rollover hoop.


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