2013 Audi A8 L Wrapped in Brushed Bronze

When it comes to premium cars, the Germans… well, they pretty much invented them. Audi, for example, has been making the A8 since 1994 but even before that offered a full size luxury vehicle.
Audi A8 L 1 photo
In 2010, they launched the long wheelbase version of the car, known simply as the A8 L. It's available with 3.0 TFSI engines and in the States with 4.0 TFSI as well. Older models had the n/a 4.2 FSI and sounded exactly like the RS4, which made them very popular.

What it lacks in flare compared to the brutish BMW and the sculptural Mercedes, the A8 L makes up for by edging ahead in interior build quality. Everything you touch feel like it's made to absolute perfection, like the feel of the standard-fit 8-speeded automatic.

In case yo weren't convinced the A8 L is an awesome car. Just check out the one below. It's been wrapped by Diamond Black Exteriors in matte metallic bronze. This non-shiny penny is worth its weight in gold after the transformation is complete.

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