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2012 Suzuki Swift Sport Commercial Banned in Australia

Japanese automaker Suzuki launched their hot hatch version of the Swift in Australia as a right-hand drive car back in February. For the base price of $23,990, you get a nippy little car with a 1.6-liter 135 hp engine.
But of course that sort of money will get you a whole lot of family car in Australia, so Suzuki had to market the Swift Sport as being fun to drive and easy on the eye. They did just that with the help of some hooning action in a multistory car park.

But the stunts were seen as being too wild and reckless by the health and safety people and the ad you see was pulled. Now, 20 years ago, this sort of commercial was deemed normal, even a bit safe.
Suzuki Australia officials say that one of the complaints they received even said that using fog lights in a car park is against Australian road rules.

With only 135 hp and a standard sprint in 8.1 seconds, the Swift Sport isn’t even all that hot. It’s just some safe fun with the help of the handbrake people. Don’t blow a gasket!


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