2,000 HP Nissan GT-R Sets New Quarter Mile Record: 7.7s with AWD Wheelies

Remember the 2,000 HP GT-R that took down two similarly-powered Lamborghinis at the recent Texas Invitational event? This is AMS Performance’s Alpha Omega and the thing just set a new quarter mile world record for the GT-R.
2,000 HP GT-R AWD Wheelie and RWD Burnout 1 photo
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The Godzilla on Viagra was recently taken to the Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown, where the thing managed to pull a 7.7s run at 186 mph (300 km/h). To get an idea of just how fast this GT-R is in terms of street figures, we’ll mention the 0 to 60 mph (96 km/h) sprint is now a joke being completed in 1.53 seconds.

Mind you, while the Texas Invitational saw the Alpha Omega compete on street tires, as the event takes places on a non-prepared road and features a rolling start, things were different here. This was a track, so the beast was gifted with 15-inch drag slicks.

Among other goodies, this GT-R’s engine should be called VR40DETT, since it was bored out to 4 liters. The Alpha Omega twin-turbo kit was on the house and, as you can imagine, just about any component that comes in contact with the fuel was upgraded. Nonetheless, we can't be sure about the exact goodies on the car, since Alpha Omega was wearing certain prototype parts during the record run.

The feat is all too impressive, especially given the fact that the time only places the Alpha Omega 0.4 seconds away from the world record for the AWD class. This is held by another GT-R, an R32 that has been playing this game for over twenty years.

AWD isn’t exactly an asset when you’re drag racing

Sure, having all four wheels handling the traction at the starting line is cool, but when you’re playing the 1/4 mile game, AWD makes things more difficult - once you’re up to speed, the front wheel traction becoms useless, so you’re basically left with the extra weight to carry.

As for how the Alpha Omega GT-R works around these issues, you should know that, for instance, the car comes with a controller that allows the driver to disengage the front wheels. This means the brute can pull burnouts in order to get its rear tires ready for the lift-off ordeal. Then it's back to AWD mode and the race starts.

In case you’re wondering what that ordeal part exactly means, you should know this GT-R can pull AWD wheelies...

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