1974 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Mutates Into a Diesel VW Jetta

Diesel powered Chevrolet Corvette 4 photos
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Diesel Chevrolet CorvetteDiesel Chevrolet CorvetteDiesel Chevrolet Corvette
Ladies and gentlemen, get your ticket and step right in for today’s car freak show. Don’t be afraid, they are all leashed, and even so, they can only spray some oil on your shoes... or diesel in this case here.
Right in the center of the stage you can see one of the biggest malformation a muscle car can grow; it’s even worse than the electric Mustang because it can rattle like a tractor and rust like a coffin nail left in the rain.

Dear petrolheads, you are looking at a 1974 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray with T-tops which appears to have mutated in order to adapt to these new fuel consumption regulations by growing a diesel engine over the night right in the barn. There's even a hole in the hood through which you can see the horrific malformation.

It seems the mutagen compound comes from an older Volkswagen Jetta/Bora, as that awful thing sticking out from the hood looks like that 2002 1.9-liter SDI unit. Well, we know that towards the end of its third generation the Corvette started to get low powered V8’s, some ‘churning’ about 165 bhp towards the rear wheels, but this leap to just half that power seems a bit offset even for the theory of evolutionism.

Despite the appearances, black smoke and rattling, the owner said he was happy for about three years with his muta-ray and used it almost daily while achieving a combined fuel economy of 55 mpg. Is this what all muscle cars will turn into some day? I mean, the new Mustang that somehow managed to migrate intto Europe already has a four-pot gasoline engine.

Well, at least the 1.9-liter diesel here is having those “pumpe-duse” unit injectors which provide a bit more low range grunt than the modern TDI. Still, maybe it would have been better if it mutated into a Cummins diesel V8.

Oh, almost forgot to mention that this thing is up for sale here and you can get it for just $6,000.
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