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1967 Toyota 2000GT Going to Pebble Beach 2014 Auction

The Toyota GT 86 is a beautiful sportscar, but do you know where its lines are coming from? Yep, its the 2000GT indeed, a car that many enthusiasts like to consider Japans first supercar.
1967 Toyota 2000GT for sale at Pebble Beach 1 photo
In the 1960s, Toyota started a project with Yamaha to put out a rival for the iconic Jaguar E-Type. The result? Japan’s coolest classic car ever - the Toyota 2000GT.

The 2000GT’s sleek “coke bottle” body is actually lower than the E-Type’s and for many it looks much better, with those plexiglas covered driving lamps, the pop-up headlights, arched fenders and that smooth flowing liftback roof.

Power is provided by a front mid-mounted inline-six engine tuned by Yamaha, making 150 hp and turning the rear wheels via a five-speed manual gearbox and a limited slip differential. The 2000GT can reach 217 km/h (135 mph) and after that stoping is assured by all-round power-assisted disk brakes, a first in the Japanese industry back then.

The only problem with this car is its limited availability. A total of 351 units have been ever made. Two of them got their roof chopped off so Sean Connery could fit and drive them in the James Bond movie You Only Live Twice, and as far as we know, one unit got totaled by a huge tree recently.

Meaning there are only 348 other 2000GT original coupes in the world. One of them will go under the hammer at this year’s Pebble Beach auctions. It’s an early pristine 1967 white model which is expected to sell for around $1,3 million.

Unfortunately, the auctioning website where the car was posted is not offering details about the car at the moment and we can only offer you that single photo to feast your eyes on. However, considering its production year, we can tell you it doesn’t come with air conditioning and automatic gearbox, features offered only on some few last models.


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