1,000-HP GMC Hummer EV 3X Specs Revealed, Pickup's Range Tops 355 Miles

Following the Hummer EV Edition 1 Pickup, the GMC brand has released the main specifications of the 3X in both pickup and SUV guises, but more on the SUV later. This configuration matches the power and torque of the limited-run model, with General Motors promising 1,000 ponies and 11,500 pound-feet (15,592 Nm).
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Is General Motors lying about peak torque? Not really, but it sure is very misleading. To make a long story short, General Motors calculated wheel torque to make the Hummer EV sound all that more impressive. In other words, the Detroit-based automaker multiplied the three-motor powertrain's peak torque by the front and rear gearing (13.4:1 and 10.1:1). According to chief engineer Al Oppenheiser, each motor develops between 380 and 400 pound-feet (515 and 542 Nm) of twist.

Even though we're dealing with more than 1,000 pound-feet (1,356 Nm) in Watts to Freedom mode, it's pretty clear that peak torque isn't a five-digit affair. Equipped with one motor up front and two driving the rear wheels, the GMC Hummer EV 3X Pickup features a driving range of up to 355 miles (571 kilometers) with the standard wheels (22 inchers). Opting for the Extreme Off-Road Package downgrades the estimate to 329 miles (529 kilometers), thus matching the Edition 1.

By Extreme Off-Road Package, the premium-oriented truck and crossover brand is referring to 18-inch wheels and 35-inch rubber of the mud-terrain variety. Said package further adds rocker protection with assist steps and extra skid plates for good measure. Similar to the Edition 1, the 3X trim comes with the aforementioned Watts to Freedom mode, CrabWalk, as well as 4WS.

Four-wheel steering makes the rear tires turn in the opposite direction of the front tires at speeds lower than 25 mph (40 kph) by up to 10 degrees. Beyond this speed, the rears and fronts will turn in the same direction to improve stability. 4WS can be turned off via the button located next to the Driver Mode Control dial. CrabWalk also employs four-wheel steering to move the vehicle diagonally by mirroring the steering angle of the front and rear wheels. Watts to Freedom, on the other hand, is a fancy way of saying launch control and max output.

Available for the 2023 model year, the GMC Hummer EV 3X Pickup will be joined by the GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 SUV and GMC Hummer EV 3X SUV for the 2024 model year. As you're well aware by now, the sport utility vehicle features the same peak torque as the pickup truck, yet less power, namely 830 horsepower.

Both variants of the sport utility vehicle are good for towing up to 7,500 pounds (3,402 kilograms). Driving range favors the standard 22-inch wheels and 35-inch ATs at 314 miles (505 kilometers). For the 18-inch wheels and 35-inch MTs of the Extreme Off-road Package, that'd be 298 miles (480 kilometers) at most.

Similar to the pickup, the sport utility vehicle is manufactured at the Factory ZERO Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly Center. Both the Edition 1 and newly available 3X come with a lithium-ion battery totaling 246.8 kilowatt hours. The net capacity is 212.7 kWh.

The Edition 1 and 3X pickups retail at $110,295 and $100,395 including the destination charge, which varies between $1,595 for the Edition 1 and $1,995 for the 3X. As for the SUV, make that $105,595 and $100,395.
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