Segment: Enduro/Offroad
Production started year: 2018

KTM 250F 2018-Present 5 Photos
KTM 250F (2018-Present)KTM 250F (2018-Present)KTM 250F (2018-Present)KTM 250F (2018-Present)KTM 250F (2018-Present)

KTM presents for the last 208 the Freeride series. The 250F comes with a 250cc top-of-the-line DOHC engine that combines all the benefits of previous combustion models. Now fitted with new high-end WP Xplor suspension, the fully homologated KTM Freeride 250 F is incredibly agile and a great choice for riders looking for an alternative to traditional Trials or Enduro machines, or those new to the sport of offroad motorcycling.

KTM 250F 2018-Present

Information about this model's engines has not been yet made public, but we will add it as soon as the vehicle is launched or more data becomes available