YouPorn Wants You to Design Their Lamborghini Supercar

YouPorn Wants You to Design Their Lamborghini Gallardo 1 photo
Photo: YouPorn
Boy, I really should follow some of these porn websites on Twitter. Not only are the accounts run by hot girls named Katie, but they are also kind of funny. For example, RedTube Emma just said Maria Sharapova would make a great voice actress for adult films. You have such a dirty mind, Emma!
Anyway, YouPorn wants young graphic designers to make them a car, a supercar that gives people dirty thoughts. While most people start with a blank piece of paper, this project starts off with a white Lamborghini Gallardo.

And that's where we find our first problem. How can we get excited about a V10 supercar that's three years old and went out of production? That being said, the Gallardo in question is the facelift model, the ultimate version, so it's like a super-MILF of supercars.

After you design the graphics, "celebrity car customizer Yiannimize" will make it happen. Didn't he have one of these Lambos? What are the chances that the YouPorn car is actually his?

Anyway, the prize includes being flown to London, accommodations at a yet unknown hotel and a joyride in the car. That it?!

The least they could have done is a date with a real pornstar. There are plenty of those in Britain: Sophie Dee, Hannah Harper, and Savannah Gold. Even a male star would have been okay so that you could ask him what it's like to shack up with hot girls for a living or make Big Ben jokes. But no, they give you the rare chance to sit in a Lamborghini.

Will a cool YouPorn V10 car encourage people to use the website more? Probably not, but it's worth a shot, right?
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