You’d Better Think Twice Before Jailbreaking an iPhone If You Use CarPlay

While many people believe the days of jailbreaking are long gone, this really isn’t the case, as lots of Apple users out there still want to unlock their iPhones for obvious reasons.
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So yes, jailbreaking an iPhone is still possible, though it goes without saying it’s not something that Apple wants its customers to do anyway.

But unsurprisingly, unlocking an iPhone comes not only with benefits, such as removing a series of restrictions enforced by Apple but also with new headaches. This time, some users who decided to jailbreak their iPhones claim CarPlay is no longer working at all in the cars.

Several readers told us it all happens after jailbreaking iPhones with unc0ver, one of the most popular solutions in this regard. And after further research, it looks like this isn’t an isolated problem, as more people are hitting the same error after using the latest version of the same jailbreaking software.

Someone on reddit says CarPlay no longer works after using unc0ver 7.0.2, so in theory, this is the version that’s causing the whole thing.

A workaround isn’t known to exist, and right now, those who already unlocked their device can’t do much, unless they’re willing to flash the full version of iOS shipped by Apple itself.

Most likely, the next version of unc0ver would bring things back to normal, but on the other hand, it shows once again that the world of jailbreaking comes with its own risks.

Of course, it’s not like everything is working flawlessly on devices that haven’t been jailbroken. The release of iOS 15 ended up becoming a huge fiasco from a CarPlay perspective, with users coming across all kinds of errors in their cars, including app crashes, random disconnects, and their devices no longer being detected at all.

The latest version of iOS, however, has restored CarPlay, so right now, everything should be running properly for those still on the official version of the operating system.


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