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There’s a New Google Maps Update on CarPlay, And You Should Install It ASAP

Earlier this week, it was discovered that the next major iOS update planned by Apple for iPhones out there will finally enable the 3D navigation mode in Apple Maps on CarPlay.
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This feature was originally launched on iPhone with the release of iOS 15, but on the other hand, the update to version 15.2 is the one that will bring it to CarPlay users.

Those who aren’t necessarily big fans of Apple Maps probably stick with Google Maps, which right now is the top navigation solution on most platforms out there.

But on the other hand, Google Maps didn’t escape the blunder that iOS 15 ended up becoming on CarPlay, so users reported all kinds of problems, including random crashes and even the app losing GPS tracking.

Needless to say, Google Maps no longer being able to locate you on the map makes the app mostly useless, as the navigation guidance would no longer be accurate.

And this is what updates are for. Google has been very hard at work in the last 30 days or so specifically to refine the experience with Google Maps on the latest iOS versions, and the most recent update finally fixes everything. Or at least, this is what it all looks like at first glance, as Google Maps version 5.82 is running just flawlessly without any crashes or GPS errors.

This is the reason users should install this update as soon as possible. While Google Maps hasn’t provided a detailed changelog of what’s included, the new version just seems to provide the most refined experience in a long time, both on the iPhone and on CarPlay.

And we all know how important this is, especially because many rely on Google Maps for finding addresses on a regular basis. And of course, the aforementioned errors turned the whole thing into quite a huge mess on CarPlay, mostly without Google’s fault.


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