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Xiaomi Says It Decided to Build an Apple Car Rival in Just 75 Days

Xiaomi is one of the tech giants planning to expand in the automotive industry, with the company already confirming a $10 billion investment to make the whole thing happen.
Xiaomi still not sure if the Mi brand can be used for cars 1 photo
And while we already know the first Xiaomi car would be either an SUV or a sedan, company founder and CEO Lei Jun says the decision to build an EV was made in no less than 75 days. That includes the research time that was necessary to determine if an EV under the Xiaomi brand would make sense, he notes.

Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean the Xiaomi car would be here anytime soon. People familiar with the matter believe the Xiaomi EV could see the daylight in two or three years, which means there’s a chance the car would eventually be up for grabs in 2023 or 2024 at the earliest.

At some level, the timing makes sense. Xiaomi wants its EV to be a rival to the Apple Car, another ambitious project started by a technology company and said to be in the works as we speak.

On the other hand, Apple has reportedly scheduled the launch of the Apple Car, internally referred to as Project Titan, for 2024 or 2025, so in theory, Xiaomi would debut its own model at about the same time.

However, the Chinese firm most likely wants to unveil the car before Apple, possibly in an attempt to get some exclusive time on the market and additional exposure.

According to Lei, the cheapest the Xiaomi car could get is $15,000, though he emphasized it’d be a luxury vehicle. In other words, it’s likely to get a lot more expensive than this, especially as Xiaomi wants to install its latest-generation technology on it.

Lei explained the car would be developed using the company’s know-how in markets like smart homes and air purifiers, so there’s a chance it’d come with several innovations in this regard to fight pollution and guarantee a clean cabin.


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