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Xiaomi’s First Car Will Be Either an SUV or a Sedan, Pricing Details Also Shared

Xiaomi is one of the tech companies getting ready to step into the automotive market. Earlier this month, it announced a $10 billion investment that would allow it to become an important player in the EV industry in the next decade.
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While Xiaomi’s plans have been fairly mysterious, Lei Jun, the CEO of the Xiaomi Group, finally shared more information on the project based on a survey supposed to collect feedback from customers on the company’s EV strategy.

Jun says the first Xiaomi car will be either an SUV or a sedan, but it's very important to keep in mind that regardless of the category, it’d still be powered by an electric powertrain. The CEO said no less than 45 percent of the company’s customers asked for a sedan, while 40 percent of them said the car should be an SUV, so now Xiaomi is planning to choose between the two before rolling out the first concept.

Another important tidbit shared by the Xiaomi executive concerns the future price of the car.

Jun said the Xiaomi EV would cost at least CNY100,000, but it won’t be priced at more than CNY300,000 (for our American readers, at the current exchange rates, it means the Xiaomi car will be priced between approximately $15,000 and $45,000).

In addition, the CEO suggested the car is very likely to wear the new Mi logo that was announced last month, explaining that it fits a vehicle much better than the old square version.

Needless to say, no specifics on the ETA have been shared, but it’s believed the Xiaomi car could see the daylight in 2023, approximately one year before Apple comes up with its own EV. Of course, everything could change overnight depending on how the development process advances, especially as Xiaomi looks like it’s still in the early planning phases of its automotive expansion.


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