World’s First Autonomous Drone Comes with VR Headset and Automatic Battery-Swapping

I'm like a bird, I only fly away – you can almost hear yourself singing. Nobody would blame you, though, considering that this drone set would virtually turn you into a bird. It’s called FlyBi and comes with Virtual Reality goggles you strap on and see exactly what the drone captures while it's in the air.
FlyBi drone 1 photo
Photo: FlyBi
In just a couple of words, this thing offers a first-person experience, while keeping things as simple as possible for the person flying it. In little over four days, the crowdfunded device has raised over 50% of its goal, so we wouldn't be surprised if it will make the shelves sometime next year.

Three pieces make for the perfect puzzle.

First, the wearable wrist remote control. It looks and feels like a watch, yet it does more than just controlling the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. You can use the programmable flight mode to set the flight path with the wrist remote.

Once you have your remote on, you snap on the goggles, hit the “record flight” button on your wrist remote and start the journey. FlyBy records both where you send it and what it shoots. After the first flight is successful, you can simply push the repeat button, and it will follow the same path again. This way, you can make time laps videos or monitor activity.

Clearly, the best part of this innovative gizmo is the fact you can put the head-tracker goggles on and experience the drone’s point of view via live streaming video.

As to the range issue, you need not worry. FlyBi comes with a helideck that is one part storage system, and one part platform. When the futuristic quadcopter needs power, it automatically returns to the platform and gets one of the three secondary batteries. Have we mentioned the 1080 HD 12 MP lens installed on the head-tracker gimbal?

Prices vary much, according to what optional you go for. The complete pack with drone, goggles, Helideck, wristwatch remote and two extra batteries starts at $1,795. If you’re planning to buy yourself an early Christmas gift, you should know the company plans to start shipping finished products to crowdfunders starting in March.

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