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Word of a Project Called "Tesla Glass" Sparks Up Speculations

Tesla is clearly on a roll here so we shouldn't be surprised if every now and again we found out about various new projects that the company is working on. And we're not. We're just very, very curious.
Tesla Model 3 interior 1 photo
The latest piece of news in this area comes from Electrek who has received an "anonymous tip" on the program that, sadly, did not provide any more information. Well, we say "sadly," but it means it's open season for wild speculation, so that might actually turn out to be a good thing.

The project reportedly started close to the start of this year, so it can't be too close to its completion. Even though Elon Musk has demonstrated he is the kind of guy who thinks ahead (just look at his Master Plan for proof), we would be willing to bet that this mysterious "Tesla Glass" has very much to do with the Model 3 sedan. That doesn't mean it applies exclusively to Tesla's next car, but we should be able to see its fruition as soon as the end of next year. Or maybe even sooner.

OK, but what is it all about? Well, it's about Tesla, and it's about glass. And when you put those two together, you can get all sorts of results. Let's start with what we'd like it to be: a completely new way of making a heads-up display in a car. While we realize that a HUD spreading the whole windshield would be pretty difficult to realize, it could still be done using some sort of eyewear. Think Google Glass. But that would just show a lack of imagination in the naming department from Tesla, so it's probably not that.

However, even if it doesn't take the entire windshield surface, there's still plenty of room to improve the heads-up display technology, and everybody's been suspecting the Model 3 will have one ever since we caught a glimpse at that barren interior. So "Tesla Glass" having some sort of connection with HUD technology is most definitely a possibility.

But there is one more possibility we've been made aware of: Tesla is using a lot of glass in its cars - just look at the Model X's panoramic windshield that looks like a man going bald, or the Model 3's all-glass roof. In the past, Tesla has had issues with the Model X windshield suppliers, with customers complaining about optical distortions. With production ramping up the way it's expected to, Tesla can not afford any hiccups or bottlenecks, so it may have to take things into its own hands. That means building its own glass parts.

Or, of course, Tesla Glass could turn out to be something completely different.


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