Widebody 1960s Chevy Camaro Restomod Goes to Digital Extremes With a Bosozoku Flex

We are fast approaching the end of the ICE-powered muscle car age, if you ask the Big Detroit Three. But has anyone asked us if we are all right with that or not?
Chevy Camaro Bosozoku CGI restomod by trapndeth 7 photos
Photo: trapndeth / Instagram
Chevy Camaro Bosozoku CGI restomod by trapndethChevy Camaro Bosozoku CGI restomod by trapndethChevy Camaro Bosozoku CGI restomod by trapndethChevy CamaroChevy CamaroChevy Camaro
Soon, there will be only one – just like in the tales of the immortal Highlander. That is simply because Stellantis has ordained its Dodge subsidiary to get rid of the mighty Hemi V8 in the Charger and Challenger series after the 2023 model year. Instead, they might need to adapt to an EV lifestyle when the Dodge Charger Daytona SRT concept spawns a production series model.

Ford is the only one with a little more faith in the charm of ICE-powered EcoBoost and Coyote V8-powered Mustangs. For that, it has built an impressive S650 seventh-generation roster that puts motorsport at the forefront of its marketing effort – there are just as many track versions as street variants, and the new 800+ horsepower, supercharged Mustang GTD connects them like a veritable supercar flagship.

What about General Motors and Chevrolet, then? Well, the biggest Detroit carmaker has no good news – the 2024 Camaro is going the way of the dodo in January next year when production comes to a halt, and while that's not the end of the nameplate, there's also no successor in sight. As such, how can you manifest your disapproval of the disappearance of a legend?

Well, if you ask a representative of the imaginative realm of digital car content creators, one good way to do it is to create something that will seamlessly connect the past and future while also making purists run away in screams of fear and tears of outrage. Yep, it's going to be extreme. So, TRAPNDETH, the virtual artist who wants to "trap death to stay alive" (aka trapndeth on social media), has created a slammed widebody Camaro for the ages – and with more than a little JDM influence to boot.

According to the pixel master, his ultimate goal was to go full 'Bosozoku' with this digital project of a first-gen Chevy Camaro restomod. As such, his imagination was allowed to run rampant, and he came up with a very dark interpretation – although it's not exactly colored in black, but rather, the carbon fiber is exposed in its natural state. The restomod elements are visible in the LED head- and taillights, while all else is also quite contemporary – including the slammed attitude and the extreme widebody aerodynamic treatment.

If ever real, this monster would probably run circles around the competition at the local quarter-mile dragstrip as it also gained a nice set of black, deep-dish aftermarket wheels shod in what certainly look like some nice, sticky drag radials. The interior, meanwhile, appears to be left 'stockish' as there's no sign of a full roll cage – at least not from the shared POVs. So, is this JDM 'Maro cool or not?

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Editor's note: Gallery includes official images of Chevrolet Camaro.

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