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We’re going to the US. EU sucks.

I wonder... how prepared the guys over in the US are to take in a wave of immigrants of about... 500 million people by 2050? I’m already considering it, after reading the new projects fleshed out by the old buggers standing on piles of cash (Euros, no less) from the European Parliament.

Specifically, by 2050, which is less than 40 years from now, the inebriated zebras who lead the EU want to completely ban all cars from cities. Based on texts that have become available so far, it’s unclear (or at least that’s what I hope) if EVs will be outlawed as well, but I’m personally convinced the master plan will eventually lead to the exclusive and forced usage of public means of transportation, commercial airliners and so on.

Of course, the browned-off fatties have backed up all this with compelling arguments such as “we’re saving the planet”, “blue whales have stopped mating” and „Pandas in China (?!?) are getting depressed”...

The EU is slowly turning into an ultra-communist prison, where the beliefs of the many are brutally set aside by the „chosen” of the grand European Parliament and the infamous environmental commissions whose only achievement so far is throwing huge amounts of funds out the window, funds that could have been used to eradicate poverty in an African country instead of populating the giant “meeting” rooms with cutting-edge laptops and projectors.

So, dear Americans, are you ready for a massive exodus of personal automobile lovers? If not, you have 20 to 30 years to build a straight motorway a few thousand miles long that we can freely drive around on. Because we ARE coming. And we’re NOT joking at all.

The invasion has tentatively started already with relocating the production facilities of major manufacturers such as Mercedes and BMW. Slowly, gently, after all cars are made there, we’ll be coming over to drive them as well. Did you think you could get away with it so easily?

We want to drive our own personal cars; we do not want to get on dirty, crowded and extremely expensive buses and 50-year old planes that pollute more than 100,000 cars on a single flight.

Yes... we’re idiots and don’t get this “saving the planet” garbage. I’ve also heard that blue whale steak is quite delicious if it’s done right. Oh, and about Panda bears... they’re very cute but who are we to decide their fate? That’s a job for natural selection, as the wise and famous Charles Darwin said some time ago.

As for you fellow Europeans, get ready for higher and higher taxes in the EU, for cars, for having a brain, for breathing, for simply existing. Because, just like fuels cost twice as much due to taxes and excises imposed by governments, each and every CC on an engine, each and every HP, each and every human who dares to desire such “luxury” at the loss of the “community” will be sorely charged.

The EU has proved time and again they are able to get their way and the method of achieving this is always financial constraint. Taxes, taxes and more taxes until you end up not wanting to have a car, vacation or any kind of property at all.

See you in 2050 in the US? Or... maybe we should go boost the GDP in African or Asian countries? Got a better idea?


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