Watch and Learn: Silly Hard Crash Riding an Aprilia RS75

This video is exceptionally educational, as it depicts just how bad things can go in just under a second, in case the other riders in the group don't know what the others are planning.
There are tow main ingredients to this crash, each with a decisive contribution to the silly and painful outcome. First of all we might speak about the lack of planning for this (very short, lol) ride. Things would have probably been on the right side if the guys actually talked to each other and planned a route.

Next in line comes the fact that the camera bike was clearly speeding, voluntarily making life harder in case of an emergency... and the emergency was not at all late showing up. We can't tell whether the rider in the front signaled prior to turning left, but with the speed of the incoming Aprilia, we doubt it would have made a significant difference.

Even more, as a third bad thing to the way the Aprilia guy rode, was passing the whole lot of riders in front of him in one move. Older motorcyclists could surely tell countless stories with newbies too eager to ride in formation and causing a ton of troubles...

Oh, and one more thing: have you noticed how fast a 75cc bike can go? One really doesn't need a liter-engine to crash. At least it looks like both riders are safe, with their egos and bikes getting the most of damage. Lol, anyway!
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