Watch a Lego Rebel Scum Build His Own Snowspeeder in Amazing Stop Motion Video

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All you need to make a short clip these days is a smartphone with a decent camera and some basic Adobe Premiere skills. Oh, and a little imagination wouldn’t hurt either.
It’s safe to assume that the guy who came up with this little gem had plenty of everything, even though he reveals in the comments that the device used to capture the images was nothing more than his laptop’s integrated webcam, which he set in place by slightly tilting the screen, while the editing know-how needed for this is close to zero. Now that’s what making the most of what you’ve got is really all about.

However, it’s the result that counts and we’d say he did a mighty good job, especially when you consider that all he had to work with was $10 and two and a half hours. Also, knowing which subjects are trending at the moment can help a lot, and Star Wars sure is on everyone’s lips right now.

Using the old stop motion technique, a Snowspeeder Lego set and what looks like a pretty poor lighting source, he made the most of it using some clever bits of humor (such as when the rebel figurine trips and his helmet falls off, for example - that’s guaranteed to produce at least a chuckle) and our never-ending thirst for everything Star Wars related.

Now, despite my derisory presentation of the state of cinematography these days, it has to be said that even though it’s true that you don’t need much in the way of specialized equipment for filming a stop motion animation, it’s definitely not as easy as you might think. The fact that the author of this short film - Reddit user SerNexus - managed to capture all the needed frames in just two and a half hours is a remarkable performance, as anyone who’s ever tried to do something similar will instantly confirm.

Including two of the things a lot of us - little boys refusing to acknowledge our true age - love the most such as Lego and Star Wars is a bit of a punch below the belt, but since we enjoyed it so much, we’ll let it slip. And, of course, ask for more. With better lighting, if possible. How about Han Solo and Chewie building the Millennium Falcon? Or Darth Vader Force building the Death Star?

Click here to watch the GIF animation and be prepared to feel like spending some money on a new set of Lego. You have been warned.
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