Volkswagen Launches Charging Service to Support ID.3 EV

On July 20, the electric hatchback from Volkswagen called ID.3 officially went on sale. In doing so, it opened the doors to what is potentially a game-changing apparition in the EV segment, one that might have a much greater impact on the industry than any Tesla ever had.
Volkswagen We Charge plans 52 photos
We are not being told yet how many people are interested in buying an ID.3, but initial reservations from back in the day when the car was fresh point to an incredible amount of interest. And to give everyone something to look forward to beyond the car itself, the Germans announced on Tuesday the launch of its own charging service.

Called We Charge, the service brings together a number of about 150,000 charging points across Europe and will be available for owners of both the ID.3. All stations will be accessible through a single charging card, with three individual tariffs at the ready to suit all tastes.

The service will become available to ID.3 owners in mid-August. We Charge Free is a plan with no monthly fee, meaning it is to be used by those doing the charging mostly at home (0.79 euro cents per kWh at Ionity stations), while We Charge Go is meant for regular users of public charging points (0.55 euros per kWh at Ionity stations).

We Charge Plus is how Volkswagen calls its highest-tier plan, and it comes with a 9.99 euros fee per month + 0.30 euros per kWh at Ionity stations.

You can have a closer look at the tariffs, monthly fees and the difference between the different plans in the gallery attached above.

“As e-mobility increasingly takes to the road, public charging is becoming ever more important. With We Charge, Volkswagen is offering customers the right solution for swift, hassle-free travel in Germany and Europe – electric, eco-friendly and above all, convenient”,
said Richard van Tatenhove, Head of Digital Charging Services at Volkswagen.

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