Video: Lamborghini Aventador Gives Nissan Versa a Kiss on the Cheek

What do the Lamborghini Aventador and a small sedan like the Nissan Versa have in common? Absolutely nothing, obviously, but the Italian supercar still gave it a kiss on the cheek, and it was all recorded and uploaded online recently.
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Photo: Instagram | supercar.fails
Lamborghini AventadorLamborghini AventadorLamborghini AventadorLamborghini AventadorLamborghini AventadorLamborghini AventadorLamborghini AventadorLamborghini Aventador
Initially, we wanted to say it gave it a pricey kiss on the cheek, but fortunately for the parties involved, it was only a fender bender. The footage uploaded on Instagram by supercar.fails earlier this week, said to have come from TikTok, starts by showing the Lamborghini Aventador revving that fabulous naturally aspirated V12 engine.

Car spotters were smiling and recording the ad-hoc performance of the Italian brand's previous-gen flagship supercar (it was replaced by the Revuelto, if you forgot) on the crosswalk, and moments later, the blue-blooded exotic drove away. It was a very short drive, as it clipped a Nissan Versa in Sao Paulo, Brazil, presumably not long ago.

The damages were minor as the Aventador's right pedal was not exactly being punished at the time. Truth be told, we cannot see any, but then again, the clip is low-res. Still, we bet the right side of the black sedan was bruised up as a result of the close encounter of the third kind with the supercar, and the front bumper of the latter probably ended up having some battle scars of its own. Nothing a respray can't fix, or perhaps some good-old polishing depending on how deep the scratches are.

No one was injured, and the damages will probably buff out. That's the good news. The bad news is that the Lambo driver should pay more attention to the surrounding environment. But then again, this could happen to the best of us, as all it takes is a minor distraction, like having some bystanders record you, to take your car to the shop. But all's well that ends well, and we've got to hand it to the person holding the wheel of the Lamborghini Aventador as they didn't show off their skills on public roads.

After all, we have all seen it happen multiple times, and one example comes to mind involving the rare Lamborghini Aventador SVJ and a double-decker bus in London. That crash was much more severe, as it left deep marks on the entire face of the exotic machine. That very expensive accident supposedly happened a couple of months ago, and it may have sealed the fate of the Lambo, which would be sad, as only 900 copies were made in that specification, and it is valued at well over $700,000 in today's used car market. If you haven't watched that video, you can do that here after checking out the one embedded down below.

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