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Very Rare Toyota 2000GT Destroyed by a Tree in Japan

The Toyota 2000GT is commonly referred to as Japan’s original supercar. Only 351 units have been made and sadly, Mother Nature decided to make that an even number and sent one into the after world.
Smashed Toyota 2000GT 1 photo
According to NHK News, the event happened in the Toyoma Prefecture’s Gokoyama area in Japan, when a ginormous 30 m (98 ft) high and almost 2 m (6.2 ft) at its thickest point tree saw the superb white 2000GT cruising around and thought the car's emissions levels are killing the planet and needs to "go down". Timbeeer!

Apparently, the tree was rotten on the inside and snapped right when the classic car drove by. Now that’s bad luck... The 28-year-old driver got trapped inside and judging by the images, the rescuers had to chop off the car’s roof. Luckily, he escaped only with some minor cuts and bruises.

Regarding the car though, it now looks in need of a miracle to be like before the crash. However, judging that one of these models can be sold for over $1 million, it’s hard not to think some Japanese master craftsmen won’t try to rebuild it.

Sleek, better-looking than a Jaguar E-Type for some enthusiast and powered by a 150 hp engine, the coolest Toyota ever was capable of reaching 217 km/h (135 mph) when it was new, providing an estimated fuel economy figure of around 7 l/100 km (33.6 mpg).

The 2000GT’s popularity also got boosted after one unit got its roof chopped off and transformed into a convertible for the You Only Live Twice James Bond movie, so that Sean Connery could fit in without having to adopt a crooked position. Raising only 1,160 mm (45.7 in) above ground, the Toyota 2000GT is one of the lowest classic cars made.


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